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2019 NYC Pack List

Last updated Oct 30, 2019 Edit Source

View of NYC, Empire State building, looking North

Going into Labor Day weekend, Abby and I traveled to New York City to attend my buddy’s wedding as well as celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary.

All in all, with travel to/from, we spent 5 nights, went carry-on only and had a wide range of events dictating dress code. Weather sunny in the high 80s. Urban sightseeing, broadway theatre, casual to fancy dining, a formal wedding and Ultimate Frisbee in Central Park.

My NYC packlist laid out for display

Knolling my packed items

Not pictured:

Deodorant, belt, hanky, phone, hat, plastic grocery bags (2), bag of mixed nuts.

Packed backpack for NYC trip

Packed view of backpack

Wearing on the plane:

Easter color dress shirt, belt, jeans, grey underwear, socks, dress shoes, hat.

Post-travel notes:

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