My RAGBRAI XLV (2017) Pack List

Below is my pack list for RAGBRAI XLV (2017). Here are some aspects that have affected how I pack this year.

  • Supported by my team bus.
  • Riding/camping with my wife.
  • Riding my single speed.
  • Only camping four nights (22nd-25th) and only riding three days (23rd-25th)

In addition, the weather is looking pretty decent for July in Iowa. For the portion that I will be riding the highest is 88 and the lowest is 58.

RAGBRAI XLV (2017) Weather Forecast

RAGBRAI XLV (2017) Gear (Bus Tub)

RAGBRAI XLV (2017) Gear (Bike seat bag)

A few thoughts about what I did and didn’t pack:

  • Our 3-Person Nemo tent is starting to grow old. Lots of duct tape on the no-see-em mesh.
  • I am not expecting it to be too cold or wet so I am not packing pants, rain jacket, long sleeves, socks. A gamble considering Iowa weather changes quickly. We also tossed our our camp fan in favor of the blanket. See note below.
  • I’ve had these two bottles of No Rinse for quite some time. Time to test it out with my wife around to smell the results!
  • Usually I only carry a travel-sized deodorant, but I think I got a little lazy this year and might need the extra if the No Rinse doesn’t work.
  • Three jerseys instead of the usual two, again in a effort to stay fresh.
  • My wife ran out of space in her bus tub, so I am packing the linen sheet… I believe this is the only thing we have coordinated. Probably could have thought it out a bit more (toothpaste, sunscreen, etc.)
  • I have a rear rack on the single speed this year, so bungies are must just in case for when (not if) I carry a case… of beer.
  • The penny is for toe-in brake adjustments. Something tells me that I will need that and the zip-ties. We will see.
  • Since taking these pictures I have already decided to swap the rear bike light for a bigger/brighter one that uses AAA batteries. Between that and the head lamp, the spare batteries might actually get used this year.
  • The bagels, PB, and whey are all new this year. Trying to save a bit of money by not going to food vendors as often. The blue water bottle has my blender bottle ball in it to mix the whey/water.
  • Our bus has a few other tools, bike pump, solar showers, power outlets, chairs.
  • Yep, no underwear… deal with it.